Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

frightening night

this is midnight. so quiet no sound but a barking of dogs sometimes heard outside there.
the air is cold. it chills to the bone.
vaguely a long howl of the fox is heard from inside the forest.
everyone already fell asleep but me. my eyes keep opened. i am still awake.
i've tried to close my eyes. trying to get rid my mind of every thought.
usually it can make me fall asleep.
i hear a voice. seems like there is someone crying. i try to ensure that it is a sound of woman's crying.
a little longer, it becomes clearer and closer.
i decide to check out what happens. i take a flashlight.
i go out of my bedroom.
the voice of woman's crying is still heard, even louder. i guess it comes from behind of the house.
this situation makes me goosebumps.
my heart is beating so fast.
i walk out of the door. i turn the flashlight on.
i try to shine the light to the dark side. i light every direction.
my light is stop at one spot. it is about 100 meters there, i see a lady in white dress sitting under a tree.
who is that woman? what the hell is she doing there at this time?? i try to come closer. i want to ask her. why is she crying and staying there in the late night...
when im already near her.
"Ma'am what are u doing here?.... can i help you????"
the woman is still crying...
"Ok... if you can't talk, just show me your face... may be i know who you are..."
"ma'am can you hear me???
that lady stops crying. and suddenly stands up back to me.
"ma'am can i help you?"
that lady turns around and now i can see her face...
and.... her face is so scary.. one of her eyes is out of its place.
her cheek is full of sore and maggots that stink my nose..
she said...
"Yeeesss.... you can help me.

God Damn it.... it turns out that this is just a dream... a fucking scary nightmare..........

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  1. . . ini pasti maksud nya laper beli makanan, ehhhhhhhhhhhhh,, tiba^ ketemu hantu kayak gitu dech. bener ga?!? he..86x -{_MengarangIndah_}-. .

  2. hem, asik juga bacanya.. eh ternyata itu toh.. bisa aja nei

  3. nice post :)
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yaah ,

  4. blogwalking cari temen baru, adakah sudi kiranya jadi temenku.

    jangan lupa folbek ya teman,

  5. blogwalking cari temen baru, adakah sudi kiranya jadi temenku.

    jangan lupa folbek ya teman,

  6. salam kenal

    ditunggu followbacknya

  7. Bacanya harus menggunakan jasa translate nih :D


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